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IT Consulting
& Connecting Global Talent


Is the expiration date of your US work visa approaching?

Move to Canada and maintain your job with your current US employer.

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Are you a technology expert located outside of Canada?

Immigrate to Canada with AA Consultancy and work with the most innovative, forward-thinking companies in North America

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As an employer are you facing difficulties to retain your employee due to US work visa issues? 

  • Keep your current technology personnel facing US work visa difficulties.

  • Tap into our extensive global technology talent network to expand your enterprise.

  • Our efficient nearshore Canadian talent solution is both rapid and straightforward.

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Invest two minutes to discover how AA Consultancy can assist you in overcoming your technology talent obstacles.

Why Choose Us?


The predicament surrounding US employment visas is deteriorating, with a rising number of rejections for both renewals and first-time approvals of H-1B visas. As corporations endure a loss of skilled workers and individuals confront difficulties with obtaining US work visas, causing a surge in frustration and doubt, we possess a persuasive resolution.


At AA Consultancy, We simplify the process of launching a Canadian virtual branch for US firms - allowing companies to retain their technology personnel facing US work visa difficulties or construct a team of highly-skilled technology experts, nearshore in Canada.


We recruit a US firm's highly competent foreign technology employees with unsuccessful US work visa requests and relocate them to Canada. Then, we enter into an exclusive, long-term agreement to contract them back to the US company. AA Consultancy handles the continuous administrative tasks of employing talent in Canada, which includes immigration assistance, resettlement support, compensation, legal affairs, taxes, personnel management, real estate, benefits administration, and financial record-keeping.


As the disparity between talent supply and demand widens, we can also aid companies in expanding their technology personnel teams. AA Consultancy has located over 45,000 highly competent technology specialists globally. We can match individuals from our worldwide talent pool with American and Canadian corporations seeking to secure a technology talent edge


" AA Consultancy provides you with the best Business Services. They are always willing to give their time to understand issues and provide advice and solutions. Highly recommended "
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